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Client Testimonials

Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke… loves Lawton Commercial Services

Lawton has been a valued partner to the Bone Daddy’s team for over 4 years now. Lawton not only delivers reliable prompt service but continues to partner with the Bone Daddy’s team understanding our culture and procedures, which equates to reduced service calls and overall cost savings. “Lawton is the epitome of partnership.” Thanks team Lawton we look forward to many more years in a successful relationship!

Scott Brown
Director of Construction Development
Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke

Lawton and I have had a twenty year relationship. I have found their approach to business is without equal. The customer always comes first and the techs are very supportive to my management teams. They explain to my team in layman’s terms exactly what is needed and follow it up with outstanding craftsmanship. Their attention to the small details is what sets them apart from other’s we have used.

Their pricing is very competitive and always clearly explained before the work is done. Lawton always takes great care of my group of managers to the point of calling back the next day to make sure everything is working as it should be. The dispatchers are courteous and always give ETA’s. This make our team feel like they care and they do.

I would highly recommend Lawton Mechanical/ Lawton Commercial Services to anyone in DFW, Austin and San Antonio as well as Oklahoma. The bottom line these people get it done!

Scott Ditto
Facilities Manager
Cheddar’s Casual Cafe

Lawton Commercial is a very professional service provider! My experiences with them have been excellent and, what is even better, my clients have been impressed with their work as well! As a General Contractor serving some of the largest Corporations in Texas, it is very important to engage professionals who can come up to the special needs of my clients. Lawton Commercial does this in stellar fashion! They are transparent, professional, very capable & share my urgency to complete projects!

Georgiann Crawford, Owner
Adams Remodeling and Repair, LLC
Dallas/FortWorth Area

From initial construction to trouble-shooting and making repairs on existing systems, Lawton Commercial has demonstrated a high level of efficiency and quality in their repairs while always keeping your cost in mind by offering any known alternatives that might be able to save you a bit of money. They also offer great response time and customer service, which is golden when trying to keep our stores operational and our customers happy.

Matt Hamilton
QuikTrip Facility Support
Ft. Worth

I have used Ben Franklin/Lawton Commercial Services for over 8 years. They are reliable, dependable and good old fashioned service oriented! These services are very rare in this day and age, but Ben Franklin has proven time and time again to stick to high standards.

I have had them called out for plumbing problems for years and even made the mistake one year of calling them because the washing machine had quit working. They promptly came out and found out someone had detached the hoses and not reattached them!

Didn’t even charge me for a service call, just said “We thank you for your service, Ma’am. Have a nice day!

Valerie Hubbell D.D.S.

I have utilized Lawton Commercial Services for a number of years now, and have always been satisfied with the scope of work, pricing and overall customer service. I would recommend this company for your HVAC and electrical needs!

William Butler
Apprentice Facilities Manager
Chipotle Mexican Grill Dallas/Fort Worth Area

We have been using Lawton Commercial Services for our HVAC and refrigeration systems for over two years and are very pleased with the responsibility and ownership they have shown as a partner in our business.

“The limited turnover of their personnel allows our operations and facility team to see familiar faces when the techs arrive. The consistency has proven a maintenance cost benefit that we can take to the bank.

Phillip A. Slyby
ACG Texas, LP

Lawton Commercial Services has been our plumbers for a couple of years and without a doubt have been a strong partner in our business. Their response time is quick, 24/7 which is especially critical since our business at IHOP is 24/7! Their techs are knowledgeable and work with the restaurant staff to not inconvenience guests and the company has the resources to tackle all the issues while limiting any down time so we can stay open. We are happy they have expanded to additional regions that we are in so we can continue the relationship throughout our system.

Phillip A. Slyby
ACG Texas, LP



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