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Commercial Plumbing Services

24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

Sink Repair and Replacement

Faucet and Drain Repairs and Replacement

Sewer Line Cleaning, Repair, and Replacement

Toilet and Urinal Services (Waterless NOW Available!)

Hydro Jet Drain, Roof Drain, and Floor Drain Cleaning

Installation and Repair of Grease Traps

Sewer Gas Detection

Waste Water Lift Stations

Backflow Device Installation Testing and Repair

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Water Heater Repair or Installation

Pipe Locating and Pipe Repairs

Food Disposal Repair or Replacement

Gas Line Installation, Service, or Replacement

Storm Drain System Cleaning and Repair

Sand and Oil separators

Line Location

State Required Natural Gas Testing for Schools and other Educational Facilities

State Required Natural Gas Testing for Schools and other Educational Facilities

Tankless Water Heaters Austin TX

Tankless Water Heaters

A normal water heater is used to heat water all day, every day, which heightens your electricity bill. A tankless water heater keeps the water hot only as you need it, preventing unaffordable energy expenses. Call (972) 424-2929 for more details on Tankless Water Heaters.

Gas Water Heaters Austin

Gas Water Heaters

Our professional technicians are familiar with the methods and regulations pertaining to the installation, repair, and maintenance of Gas Water Heaters. Call us today to learn more.

Electric Water Heaters Austin

Electric Water Heaters

These are the most commonly employed water heaters; however, they require the expertise and experience of a professional technician. Lawton’s technicians have the knowledge to safely work on electric water heaters. Contact Lawton Commercial Services for more details.

boiler Austin TX


A professional technician should be hired when dealing with boilers. Consideration needs to be given to many aspects of the installation of new and replacement boilers. Among the most important are ventilation and flueing. Ventilation requirements depend on many factors. Different installations require different amounts of ventilation. It is essential that the correct ventilation be provided. The flue from a boiler and especially its termination are also important considerations. Many restrictions apply as to exactly where a flue can terminate.

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