Visual Inspection Process

Real-time visual inspections so you can receive videos, messages, and proposed solutions with the click of a button

Get Real-Time Solutions At Your Fingertips

Be "Onsite" Without Leaving Your Desk

Eliminate Annoying Business Interruptions

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Optimizing Our Client’s Time Through Convenient, Real-Time Insights

Outstanding service by an outstanding team is our calling. We understand how crazy a work day is, and our clients don’t have time for business interruptions. When equipment goes down, we offer real-time visual inspections. So when Lawton Commercial Services is onsite, you can receive videos, messages, and proposed solutions with the click of a button. Don’t leave your desk and don’t break a sweat. Let our tech-savvy team bring the solution to you! 

VIP Service Offerings

Commercial Service Work

Industrial Applications

Plumbing Repairs & Pipe Locating

Emergency Services

HVAC-R Repairs & Maintenance

Gas Line Installation, Service or Replacement

Service Upgrades

Electrical Services

Maintenance Plans & Contract Renewals

All of our technicians are fully equipped to apply our convenient Virtual Inspection Process to your service calls. 

VIP Service FAQ

Can you email the video?

Due to the size of the video files, we provide a link so our clients can review content and share with decision makers within the organization as needed.

Can I chat with the technician in real time?

Absolutely! Upon receiving approval our technician can perform most repairs while onsite. Availability of parts and duration of time are some of the limiting factors. However we strive to comprehensively resolve all issues as quickly as possible.

Will you perform the repair without interrupting my business reference?

Generally, we find clients prefer to relay feedback via our Customer Service Representatives. Communication should be seamless and is generally done as a follow up once the diagnosis has been provided via the Visual Inspection Process.

Will the videos be stored in my customer profile for future use?

Yes, we understand that personnel changes and other business circumstances make it difficult to understand the reoccurring maintenance needs of your facility. We will store the videos on a secure cloud and share the content when requested by authorized company personnel.

You Shouldn’t Need to Leave Your Desk to Get Updates on Your Maintenance!

Lawton Commercial Services understands our clients need solutions to problems now. That’s why our team is committed to providing quality repairs supported by cutting edge technology and competitive warranties. We strive to take the pain out of your maintenance and repairs so you can do what you do best, run your business. See how easy it is to do business with us.